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We are pleased to inform residents that at last night’s Monthly Council Meeting, DCC’s planning application to modify the sea wall at James Larkin Road was approved. We would like to acknowledge the dedication of our Councillors in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion.

This permission gives effect to the agreement to reduce the height of 470m of the sea wall by 300mm. The agreement to reduce the wall was reached in September 2016 following long and detailed negotiations in response to considerable public outcry.

It is important to note that the reduction in wall height was:

• proposed by DCC• based on scientific evidence from an Independent Expert engaged by DCC.

It is also important to note that the reduced height wall:

• gives protection from a 1 in 100-year event as opposed to a 1 in 200-year event,• still…

Agreement to Reduce Wall Height in Jeopardy


Below is an update from the CRA about the December 2017 council meeting which took place on Monday 4th. We would encourage all residents to read to ensure they are up to date with the current situation of the seawall. 

It is with great regret that we must draw resident’s attention to an extraordinary turn of events that occurred at last Monday nights Monthly Meeting (December 4th) of Dublin City Council (DCC). 

Mr Owen Keegan, Chief Executive of DCC, presented his report on the planning application to reduce the height of the seawall at James Larkin Road. In his report, he recommended to Councillors NOT to reduce the wall height. This recommendation effectively reneges on the agreement reached between DCC, our elected Councillors and the local community.

At that same meeting, Mr Keegan also submitted a resolution…

Flooding on the Clontarf Road - May 27th 2017


There was flooding on the Clontarf Road following rainfall on Saturday, May 27th that resulted in parts of the road being temporarily closed. A representative of the Clontarf Resident's Association sent us an album of photos as well as providing some narrative over the situation. See the full album here 

Context from the CRA

"Firstly, as most residents will know this is NOT an issue that relates to the sea. This is rainwater (pluvial) flooding. The sea has actually been calm all day. The Naniken River culvert and drains are and have always been the flooding…

Junction Closures & Stop & Go System - May

In the coming days, there will be several junction closures along the coast road. This means that although the Clontarf Road will remain open, there will be no turning onto or off of the Clontarf Road at these junctions at the dates stated.

Additionally, there will be a Stop/Go system in place on the Clontarf Road between Kincora Road and Causeway Road.


DCC opened the new cycleway from Bull Bridge to Causeway Road on Friday, 5th May 2017.  CRA refused to attend this event as the work is incomplete. 

Since then we have issued a number of updates in relation to the ongoing works on the Clontarf Road via  We have also produced a comprehensive newsletter on the matter.  Given the number and range of issues that are outstanding in relation to these works, we thought it important that residents know where their public representatives stand on the matter. 

In this context, we asked each of our local…


We've been given an important newsletter to pass on to the residents of Clontarf from the CRA regarding the S2S cycleway.

It contains a recap of the current situation regarding the cycle track, ongoing and future road works, the sea wall - and how you can make your views known.

These issues directly affect all of us in Clontarf so it's important to stay informed - as such, we recommend that everyone reads this newsletter carefully!  

You can view the newsletter in PDF format here

Clontarf Road Tram Shelter - Update from CRA

As you may have noticed, work is currently being executed at the location of the Old Tram shelter on the Clontarf Road. Clontarf Residents' Association has issued an update about the demolition of the historic structure in January 2016 and the details and concerns surrounding the reconstruction. 

We would ask all residents to read the following document prepared by the CRA and to submit any views they may have on the proposals for the new Tram Shelter by commenting on this article or emailing the CRA on

Click here for the full update:…

Other S2S Works: Footpaths, Public Lighting, Car Park in St Annes, Tram Shelter etc

S2S* works - Wooden Bridge to Causeway Road

Last week we informed residents of the “official launch” of the incomplete cycle track and detailed the safety concerns that prevented us from attending that launch. (Click here)

This is the second part in a series of updates on the current status of the S2S works on the Clontarf Road. This update addresses some of the “associated works” and also the water main aspect of the contract.  

We would like to reiterate that we are in favour of safe dedicated cycling…

Route 130 Diversion to facilitate Clontarf road turn closure


Location: Clontarf Road at Mount Prospect Avenue

Date: Wednesday 24/5/17

Time: Commencing at 10:00 and finishing at 20:00

Reason: Essential road resurfacing will mean buses will not have sufficient space to make the turn to and from Mount Prospect Avenue at its junction with Clontarf Road.

Bus Route Diversion Plan:

Route 130

Toward Castle Avenue: Normal route to Clontarf Road junction with Seafield Road East then divert left to Seafield Road…


Below is an update from the CRA. Please read the update carefully.

S2S Works - Wooden Bridge to Causeway Road

Last week we informed residents of the “official launch” of the incomplete cycle track and detailed the safety concerns that prevented us from attending that launch.  (Click here)

Yesterday we updated residents in relation to a number of the incomplete aspects of the overall scheme including issues related to – the new public lighting, new footpaths, the Car Park in St Anne’s Park and parking bays, the “renovated” Tram Shelter,…

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