News & EventsThe latest news and upcoming events from in and around Clontarf.Dublin Bay SUP Club host Irish SUP Racing Champs! Dublin Bay SUP Club will host the Irish Stand Up Paddleboarding Racing National Championships this weekend in, Sat 24th Thu, 22 Jun 17 10:18:33 +0100Update from CRA - Clontarf Prom Development & Flood Defence                                    Update from Clontarf Residents’ Association        Clontarf Promenade Development and Flood Defence Project  Many of you will be aware that, following rejection of the original flood defence embankment for the Clontarf Promenade in 2011, the CRA, CBA, local Councillors and officials from various departments in Dublin City Council (DCC) have been working together to identify a much-needed solution to the risk of coastal flooding to the houses and businesses on the Clontarf Road while at the same time ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Clontarf Promenade.   Proposals are still in the early stages of development and no decisions have been made. DCC have undertaken to provide visuals of the full proposals when they are at a more advanced stage.  This will be essential in terms of ensuring that the community is fully aware of the proposals. In relation to the flood defence aspect of the scheme, the solution being focused on is a two-wall solution.  The existing sea wall will continue to provide the first line of defence and an inner wall near the roadway would provide the second line of defence.  This solution takes into account that the Promenade would serve as a flood-plain in the event of the tide coming over the outer wall. DCC have commissioned further wave modelling analysis and have completed additional surveys of the Clontarf Road and the Promenade.  This information will feed into the design solution.    Early indications from this work suggest that in some areas the inner wall heights are likely to be relatively low and should, therefore, provide an acceptable solution for flood defences.  In three key areas – at the end of Hollybrook Road, opposite The Baths and at the end of Vernon Avenue, where there has been flooding in the past – the height of inner wall required to give adequate flood protection may involve the loss of passive surveillance and therefore give rise to an increase in the potential for anti-social behaviour. You may remember that the issue of safety was the main driver for the previous plans being discarded by DCC. There is still further work to be done in relation to these proposals. This includes, in our view, looking at options that can be brought into play in the areas where the height of the proposed wall would prevent passive surveillance. We will continue to provide updates via, in the meantime, if you have any specific queries or issues that you would like addressed, please email us at Thu, 22 Jun 17 00:00:00 +0100Local Man Cycling 2,500 Km for Pieta House! Local man Pat Twomey from Mount Prospect Grove is currently undertaking a solo cycle of the Wild Atlantic Way from Kinsale to the Giant's Causeway (approx 2,500 Km!!!) to help raise money for Pieta House.  The 71-year-old embarked on his voyage on June 8th and hopes to complete it within the month, and raise some money for a great cause while he's at it! Pat is currently on his way West out of Galway City this morning. There is a Facebook page where you can track Pat's progress (here) and also a fundraising page where you can donate online in a few easy steps (here). Sponsorship cards are also available in Grainger's Pebble Beach! Best of luck, Pat!!Wed, 21 Jun 17 00:00:00 +0100Burglary - Be Vigilant! We would like to inform residents of a burglary that took place at Glaslyn Apartments, Howth Road, around midnight last Weds 14th June.  An intruder broke into a garage using a carjack, stealing one blue and one green Raleigh kids bike.  The thief was seen on CCTV wheeling the bikes out of the complex, with a mask covering their face.  Please be extra cautious with any items you leave outside your home, particularly bikes, and if you notice any suspicious behaviour call Clontarf Garda Station on 01 666 4800.  Finally, if you come across either bike in the photo above please get in touch with us at  Mon, 19 Jun 17 00:00:00 +0100Proposed Alfie Byrne Rd to Amiens St Cycle Route Update from CRA    The following is an update from the Clontarf Residents' Association in relation to the Planing application for a dedicated cycle lane from Alfie Byrne Road to Amiens Street.  You will be aware from previous posts that Dublin City Council (DCC) have lodged a Part 8 Planning Application to provide a dedicated cycle route from Alfie Byrne Road to Amiens Street. These proposals are significant and will involve new cycle tracks, changes to junctions, changes to existing parking facilities, additional pedestrian crossings between Malahide Road and Annesley Bridge, removal and replanting of trees, etc. Full details of the Part 8 Ref No. 2039/17 can be found here and a copy of the CRA submission can be found here. DCC have decided to hold non-statutory consultations on this proposal to discuss concerns raised in the submissions and to answer any further queries. These consultations will take place as follows: Monday 19th June 18:00-20:00hrs The Dressing Rooms, Fairview Park (across the road from Marino College) Tuesday 20th June 10:00-11:00hrs The Dressing Rooms, Fairview Park (across the road from Marino College) Tuesday 20th June 14:00-16:00hrs Charleville Mall Library, North Strand Road (heading towards the City Centre, take the first right after Newcomen Bridge) If you can spare the time it would be well worth while going along and familiarising yourself with what is proposed. If you are unable to attend but have specific issues that you would like us to address on your behalf please email us at, 16 Jun 17 00:00:00 +0100One Lord, One Faith - 500th Anniversary of Luther's 95 Theses Church of St. John the Baptist will host an Ecumenical Conference commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Luther's 95 Theses. Mon, 12 Jun 17 10:30:38 +0100Swimming Ban Dollymount until Further Notice Swimming Ban at Dollymount until Further Notice We would like to make readers aware that a swimming ban has been put in place in both Dollymount and Sandymount beaches following a sewage spill in the Liffey caused by heavy rain on June 8th.  The ban is in place pending the results of water tests due to take place today, 12th June.  Please pass this info on to anyone you know who is a regular at the bathing shelters! Source: www.afloat.ieMon, 12 Jun 17 00:00:00 +0100Statement from Clontarf Residents' Assoc re properties on St Lawrence Rd have received the following statement from Clontarf Residents' Association in relation to recent media reports on the purchase of two properties on St Lawrence Road  There are three emergency homeless facilities under lease agreements in the Clontarf area at present.  These facilities, which were previously run as Hotels/B&Bs, have been operating for many months now.   While there have been some issues in relation to the change of use of these properties, the community has generally been supportive of these facilities and understanding of the difficult circumstances that these families find themselves in. The local conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul are working closely with these families.  They are supporting them in their current living situations and helping them with their transition to proper homes.  They visit them on a weekly basis to assist these families with accessing relevant service providers.   The CRA are now also liaising with the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) with regard to access to local summer projects for the children concerned.   The position in relation to the properties on St Lawrence Road is fundamentally different to the three other facilities in the area.   Firstly, the DRHE have purchased rather than leased the premises.  The view expressed by many is that that money could have been better spent on purchasing permanent homes for these families.  A cursory look at indicates that 6 properties, three 1 bed and three 2 bed units, under €300k are on sale in the Clontarf area – 2 of them on St Lawrence Road.  The cost of purchasing all of these units at list price would be €1.52m - €400k less than the purchase price of these two houses.   Secondly, the two houses in question were previously operated as a nine room B&B with residential quarters for the family running the B&B.  The DRHE are proposing to house 11 to 13 families in this same facility.  This could equate to anywhere between 30 and 50 people living in two family homes.  In our view it is not acceptable to expect this number of people to live in such close confines. The St Lawrence Road Residents’ Association and the CRA have met with DRHE on two occasions recently in relation to this property and the other facilities operating in the area.  Unfortunately answers to the questions raised in relation to operational matters, facilities, contact details etc. have not been forthcoming from the DRHE.   The CRA and the St Lawrence Road Residents’ Association call on Dublin City Council and the DRHE to enter into genuine engagement with them in relation to the appropriate use of the property.Thu, 08 Jun 17 00:00:00 +0100Paddy Armstrong 'Life after Life' - Video Coming Soon We had the pleasure of sitting down with Paddy Armstrong in Connolly's The Sheds last week to discuss his book 'Life After Life' along with his co-author and friend, Mary-Elaine Tynan.  Paddy is a true gentleman, whose story is both an emotional yet uplifting one and he is a pleasure to chat to! Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for our video interview with Paddy and Mary, produced by Together Video. And if you haven't read 'Life After Life' be sure to pop into Spar Vernon Ave and get yourself a copy!Wed, 07 Jun 17 00:00:00 +0100Flooding on the Clontarf Road - May 27th 2017 Flooding There was flooding on the Clontarf Road following rainfall on Saturday, May 27th that resulted in parts of the road being temporarily closed. A representative of the Clontarf Resident's Association sent us an album of photos as well as providing some narrative over the situation. See the full album here  Context from the CRA "Firstly, as most residents will know this is NOT an issue that relates to the sea. This is rainwater (pluvial) flooding. The sea has actually been calm all day. The Naniken River culvert and drains are and have always been the flooding problem in this section of the Clontarf Road. DCC assured us that extra drainage was in place and that this would address our concerns. Clearly, this is not the case. The Naniken has burst its banks and the culvert is blocked. The road had to be closed from quite an early stage of the day and DCC were not on hand to sort the problem. Instead, it was left to the local Gardai who had to get into the middle of the flood water and unblock the drains. Mt Prospect Ave was resurfaced again last Wednesday and today it is again flooded. At what point will the levels and the drains actually be sorted. A number of residents and businesses have also suffered flood damage as the drains, including all the new drains that have been provided, have not coped with the volume of water."    Mon, 29 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Junction Closures & Stop & Go System - May In the coming days, there will be several junction closures along the coast road. This means that although the Clontarf Road will remain open, there will be no turning onto or off of the Clontarf Road at these junctions at the dates stated. Additionally, there will be a Stop/Go system in place on the Clontarf Road between Kincora Road and Causeway Road.Thu, 25 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Ellen Keane Thanks Supporters, Grainger's Pebble Beach Local businesses have been very generous in their support of local sports people over the years. The Grainger family who run the Pebble Beach are no different and have been backers of local Paralympian, Ellen Keane. Pictured above are Paddy and Mark Grainger with Ellen. Paddy sporting the bronze medal with a slight look of 'could have been a contender' about him! On a connected note, hats off to the Grainger team who themselves have shown similar dedication to Ellen in breathing new life and energy into this neighbourhood pub. They've also been great supporters of since taking over. Continued success to all. Tue, 23 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Accordian Player Nearly Arrested on Beach! Ryanair accordion player is back!!! This time nearly arrested on an Irish beach!   You might remember the story of the two Clontarf businessmen - Francois ( Pure Magic Watersports ) and Ronan ( Together Digital ) that caused a scene on a recent Ryanair flight that went viral throughout the world See the story here Anyway, they met up again today for the first time since at the Battle for the Bay. This time they got in another spot of bother with the local Gardai ... but there was a happy, magical ending as always (Sgt Jim Clavin may have a future in acting) Watch the latest video here!Sat, 20 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Clontarf's Public Representatives Speak on S2S Works opened the new cycleway from Bull Bridge to Causeway Road on Friday, 5th May 2017.  CRA refused to attend this event as the work is incomplete.  Since then we have issued a number of updates in relation to the ongoing works on the Clontarf Road via  We have also produced a comprehensive newsletter on the matter.  Given the number and range of issues that are outstanding in relation to these works, we thought it important that residents know where their public representatives stand on the matter.  In this context, we asked each of our local public representatives to give us a short statement in relation to the ongoing works and in particular a statement in relation to the official “opening” -whether they attended the event or not, and why.  We also asked them to indicate if they stood over the decision to open the cycle track when the crossings, designed to allow cyclists safely access same, were and are not yet in place.  Click here for the full details of the responses we received. We are very grateful to our public representatives for working with us in trying to resolve the many issues with this project.  It is important that we continue to work together to resolve the outstanding items and to achieve the best possible outcome for the whole community.   Fri, 19 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Details of Further Road Works as part of S2S Work on Clontarf Road Following is an update from the CBA & CRA Earlier this month we updated residents and businesses on the need for further roadworks from Causeway Road to the junction of the Clontarf Road and Kincora Road just past the Bull Bridge.  These works are to repair defects in the resurfacing that was completed at the end of 2016.  This work did not take place as planned.    The works are now scheduled to commence on the 22nd of May and to be finished on the 31st of May 2017.  This timetable is, of course, weather dependent.   The Clontarf Road will not be closed in full at any stage of these works.   Works on the Clontarf Road will be undertaken using manual Stop/Go systems to facilitate traffic flow. The end of Mt Prospect Ave, Dollymount Ave, Doyle’s Lane, Dollymount Park, Seafield Road East and Kincora Road where these roads join the Clontarf Road will be closed completely at times.  Roadstone will have diversions in place during these closures.   The working hours will in the main be between 8 am and 9 pm.   Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.   Roadstone will notify residents directly affected by the works with advance notice of exact dates and times of these works and will also provide relevant updates for Thu, 18 May 17 00:00:00 +0100A Home for the Honey Bee experienced beekeeper in Clontarf is seeking another Clontarf resident to provide space in their garden for several beehives. The bees had been kept originally in the beekeeper's, Leon's, home, but have had to be moved to make way for construction which has left Leon in a very sticky situation. He will do all the beekeeping but would require garden access 1-2 times a week. Ideally, the homeowner has an interest in bees & nature and owns a patch of garden around 8 metres by 2 metres for the hives. Pets are fine as they'll know how to BEEhave around bees. Neighbours are unlikely to be impacted, and may not even notice. The homeowner will have the satisfaction of saving these bees, and will also be supplied with some fresh honey to sweeten the deal. This is a genuine request, you will not be stung by some scam here. Time wasters told respectfully to buzz off. If you think you can BEE of help, email or call 086-8487330.  Tue, 16 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Flood Wall - Issues is an update from the CRA. Please read the update carefully. S2S Works - Wooden Bridge to Causeway Road Last week we informed residents of the “official launch” of the incomplete cycle track and detailed the safety concerns that prevented us from attending that launch.  (Click here) Yesterday we updated residents in relation to a number of the incomplete aspects of the overall scheme including issues related to – the new public lighting, new footpaths, the Car Park in St Anne’s Park and parking bays, the “renovated” Tram Shelter, the defects and ponding issues with newly resurfaced road and the new watermain.  (Click here) One of the significant elements of the S2S works on the Clontarf Road was the provision of flood defence measures designed to provide continuous protection against the risk of flood.  This “continuous protection” has four elements – (1) a ramp on Causeway Road, (2) bunds leading from that ramp to (3) the new flood defence wall, and (4) a floodgate on the Bull Bridge.   While the ramp on the Causeway Road has been completed, the bunds are not yet complete and the flood gate on the Bull Bridge is yet to be installed.   The position in relation to the flood defence wall is significantly more complex.   The flood defence wall was to be built to a finished height of 4.25mODM.  As sections of the wall were built it became clear that the height was not acceptable.  Despite recent newspaper reports lamenting the loss of views for motorists, the visual link between the Park and the Biosphere was lost to everyone except those on the new cycle track or seaside footpath.  The loss of the visual amenity to wheelchair users and walkers in the Park was of particular concern in this regard.  Agreement Made Most residents will be aware that agreement was reached with DCC that the flood defence wall would be reduced by 300mm from Causeway Road end to just past the Lodge in the Park.   This agreement was subject to:  (1) confirmation that the Park could contain any flood water that might arise in an extreme weather event, (2) satisfying health and safety standards, (3) and obtaining the necessary Planning Permission.   The blue line on the new wall indicates the agreed final finished height, including capping, of the wall.  Floodplain in St Anne’s Park  DCC confirmed in May 2016 that they were satisfied that the Park could contain any such flood water.  It should be noted that in such an event four fifths of the flood water in the Park would have come from the Naniken and Santry Rivers in the first instance! Health and Safety Issues  In the original design of the flood wall, it was only viewed from a sea side perspective.  A height over finished footpath was never specified.  As a result, when the wall was completed a number of sections of wall along the entire length were extremely low.  When the new wall was cut opposite the duck pond to show the 300mm reduction it too was extremely low.    An independent Stage 2 Road Safety Audit was undertaken in January 2017 and it identified a number of safety issues with the scheme as designed.  One significant issue related to the low wall height over finished footpath which the report considered “may be a hazard to pedestrians”.  This issue had not been addressed in the original Stage 2 Audit for the scheme and would not have been addressed until post construction had the agreement to lower the wall not been reached.   DCC subsequently decided a height of 500mm over finished footpath was appropriate in a coastal location of this type.  On reviewing the flood wall using this figure, DCC identified 5 sections of the wall, totalling 387m, which did not reach this standard.  Only one section, opposite the duck pond, totalling 160m, of this related to the proposed lowered section of the flood wall.  The remaining four sections, totalling 227m, related to the flood defence wall as designed and approved in the original planning permission for these works.   Solutions Unfortunately, DCC did not convey the H&S issue back to the community with a view to working together to find a solution to the problem.  Instead they drew up PP looking to install a railing along the entire 1.6m of the flood defence wall at a cost of and additional €.5m.   At the request of the community groups, DCC subsequently gave us details of the precise sections of wall that were below the 500mm minimum and details of how far below this level each area was.  These areas were reviewed on site by the community representatives on the EMLC.  The amount of the adjustment needed ranged from approximately 20mm to 150mm.  The length of the adjustments at the upper end of this range was not significant.  The areas in question were also fairly level.  Based on the feedback we received from the community groups involved in this project and local residents, we informed DCC that we had no objection to the areas in question from Seafield Road to Mt Prospect Avenue being raised to reach the 500mm minimum required.  The amounts involved were so insignificant that DCC did not require PP to make these adjustments.  This work has now been carried out.  We are not aware of anyone having an issue with the heights along this section.    Wed, 10 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Other S2S Works: Footpaths, Public Lighting, Car Park in St Annes, Tram Shelter etc S2S* works - Wooden Bridge to Causeway Road Last week we informed residents of the “official launch” of the incomplete cycle track and detailed the safety concerns that prevented us from attending that launch. (Click here) This is the second part in a series of updates on the current status of the S2S works on the Clontarf Road. This update addresses some of the “associated works” and also the water main aspect of the contract.   We would like to reiterate that we are in favour of safe dedicated cycling facilities and the provision of appropriate flood defences. We will continue to work with DCC with a view to resolving all of the outstanding issues with these works. We look forward to genuine completion of this project.   Public Lighting This element of the works involves installation of a new energy efficient public lighting system located on the sea side of the road and removal of the old public lighting system. Unfortunately, while the new lighting columns are in place they are not operational as they are not yet connected to the electricity supply. Furthermore, the old lighting columns cannot be removed until the new lighting is commissioned. Footpaths  Another positive aspect of this project was the installation of over 4km of new footpaths divided between the land and sea sides of these works.  These footpaths are not complete. In some instances, old lighting columns that are due to be removed have been set into the new paths. These columns will have to be removed and the paths either repaired or re-laid. In other cases the old columns have been set in a section of tarmac. This will make their removal easier. It will also give a better finish as rather than repair the new footpath a complete section of concrete will be laid.  ESB There are four stakeholders – DCC Traffic, DCC Public Lighting, Irish Water and Dublin Bus - looking for connections to the electricity supply. Between them, there are 16 applications to be submitted to the ESB. According to our most recent information, only nine of these have been received by the ESB. The ESB will only schedule the work when all 16 applications are received.  It is unacceptable that at this late stage of the project there is no date for when the electricity will be connected. Carpark in St. Anne's Park The old carpark in St Anne’s Park was used as the builder’s compound during these works and was to be reinstated at the end of the job. We welcome the fact that work has commenced on removing the contractor’s cabinets and developing the new carpark. We have no date as to when this will be completed and the carpark will be reopened.   Parking Bays As a result of the reduction in carriageway width, there is virtually no on-street car parking in the vicinity of the houses.  In order to promote more efficient use of the spaces that are available, DCC agreed to mark out the parking bays in individual spaces rather than as one continuous space. These markings were included in the bays alongside the Park but have not yet been included in the other parking bays. There is no date for when this will be undertaken.   Tram Shelter Many in Clontarf were disappointed with the “renovation” work on the Tram Shelter and the lack of consultation – see our recent post here.  DCC have asked that people take the time to see how the shelter looks and functions now that it is completed. DCC have agreed to review the shelter if, after it is finished and opened for a few months, the feedback is negative. DCC also agreed to retain some of the salvaged bricks so that they could be used for repairs if any are needed.   The feedback we have received most recently, leaving aside the loss of the historic elements of the building, have been largely positive.   You may be aware that sections of the original tram lines and cobbles were uncovered during these works. At that time, we asked DCC to include a sample of the tracks and cobbles in the vicinity of the shelter.  We are delighted that this has been done.   While work on the replica shelter has finished, the paving around it is not complete. Resurfacing Defects The James Larkin Road/Clontarf Road was closed in 3 sections on a 24-hour basis for a total of eight weeks from 10th October until 3rd December 2016 for resurfacing works. These closures had a significant impact on residents, businesses and commuters.  Residents and businesses then received a letter advising them of further road closures to repair defects in this resurfacing work.  We met with Roadstone to get precise details of these works and shared this information on These works did not get the go-ahead from DCC and have now been delayed further. There is still no date for when the resurfacing repairs will begin. Ponding During the course of these works, a number of issues between road and footpath levels have arisen. This has resulted in ponding at many of the driveways and junctions in this area. DCC hope that some of these issues will be addressed during the resurfacing repair work and propose leaving the remaining issues to be covered as part of the snagging post completion. As there is no date for completion we, therefore, have no date for snagging. It is, in fact, arguable as to whether the contractor would even agree that these are snagging issues as opposed to design issues. Unfortunately, this does not give us any confidence that the matter will be addressed. Incomplete Water Main The water main chamber works on the Promenade and at the Causeway Road are ongoing and have been for some months now. This has caused difficulties for pedestrians and cyclists alike.  Again there is no date as to when this work will be completed and the ground reinstated.   *S2S – Sutton to Sandycove – a plan to provide 22km of continuous cycle track and promenade around Dublin Bay   Tue, 09 May 17 00:00:00 +0100Clontarf Road Tram Shelter - Update from CRA As you may have noticed, work is currently being executed at the location of the Old Tram shelter on the Clontarf Road. Clontarf Residents' Association has issued an update about the demolition of the historic structure in January 2016 and the details and concerns surrounding the reconstruction.  We would ask all residents to read the following document prepared by the CRA and to submit any views they may have on the proposals for the new Tram Shelter by commenting on this article or emailing the CRA on Click here for the full update: Clontarf Road Tram Shelter - Update from CRA. Fri, 24 Mar 17 00:00:00 +0000Clontarf Historical Society - December Talk! Clontarf Historical Society's December 2017 talk will take place on Monday 11th. 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