News & EventsThe latest news and upcoming events from in and around Clontarf.Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route: Update from CRA Thanks to all those who commented on our recent post re the plan to remove a traffic lane from Fairview. Full details here for those who haven’t seen it.   In general, the feedback we have received favours accommodating the new cycle lane within the park and thereby retaining the traffic lane. This point was raised in a number of the submissions that were made on this proposal but it was not dealt with in the report to the Councillors. A petition calling on DCC to re-examine this aspect of the plan has been set up.  If you wish to sign it you can do so by clicking here.   We will be asking all of our CLLRs where they stood on the issue when the plans were approved and whether they will support the proposal to save the traffic lane by asking DCC to re-examine the issue including looking at relocating the cycle lane within Fairview Park.Wed, 18 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100Dublin North Bay Tourism Halloween Events North Bay Tourism has listed a number of events which are taking place locally over the Halloween period. Check them out below: Friday 27th & Saturday 28th: Bram Stoker/Dracula Dramatic Presentation & Tour @ Dracula Museum  Saturday 28th: Kid's Halloween Party @ Olive's Room 2 - 4 pm Sunday 29th: Bram Stoker/ Dracula & Gothic Halloween Readings @ The Viking Theatre, 4 pm.  Monday 30th: Bram Stoker/Dracula Historic Walk. Leaves Clontarf Castle @ 1pm Tuesday 31st: Presentation of Bram Stoker's life story and the Irish Origins of Dracula.  For more information on any of the above events, contact Dennis McIntyre on 086 236 4829Tue, 17 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100Update from CRA re City Centre Cycle Route from Clontarf Residents’ Association re Clontarf to City Centre Cycle RouteIn March of this year we advised residents of DCCs plans to provide new cycle tracks from Alfie Byrne Road in Clontarf to Amiens Street in the City Centre.  These plans also included changes to junctions, removal of existing parking facilities, additional pedestrian crossings, removal and replanting of trees, etc.   While we welcomed improvements to cycling and other transport facilities, we did have a number of concerns about these proposals which we brought to the attention of DCC. In response to the volume and range of observations received by DCC, they organised some non-statutory consultation meetings last June to discuss the issues raised and to answer questions. One of the significant concerns raised was the plan to remove a number of trees which run alongside Fairview Park.  Following a successful campaign and petition by the Save the Fairview Trees group, DCC proposed an amendment to the original plans for the cycle route.  The effect of this amendment was that 90% of the trees that were due to be felled were now to be retained.  However, this is being achieved by the removal of the second inbound traffic lane from Malahide Road to Edges Corner.  A queueing lane, for traffic wishing to turn right at Edges Corner, will be retained from the Footbridge onwards.  DCC acknowledged that the loss of this inbound lane would result in some additional delays during morning rush hour.  At the October Monthly Council meeting these revised plans were approved by Councillors without debate on the implications of the proposed changes.We welcome the fact that the historic trees are being saved and that a new cycle track will be provided for commuters.  However, we are of the view that many of the points raised in the consultation process were not addressed fully in the Report presented to Councillors and that the removal of the traffic lane was too significant a change to not warrant a full debate on the altered proposal.  We are concerned that the approved plans will have a serious negative effect on traffic in Fairview, with a knock on negative effect on commuters from all over the Northside of the City who use the Clontarf, Howth and Malahide Roads, particularly during rush hour.Sat, 14 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100See the Stars from the Seafront Irish Astronomical Society, Sidewalk Astronomers section, return to Clontarf on Saturday 28th October, to host their FREE monthly public observation event. Wed, 11 Oct 17 16:41:12 +0100A Christmas Carol @ The Viking Theatre! Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol', will return once again this Christmas to the Viking Theatre from Monday, December 11th until Saturday 23rd. Wed, 11 Oct 17 13:01:46 +0100Susie Kennedy @ The Viking Theatre'As Time Goes By...' performed by Susie Kennedy will run at the Viking Theatre from Monday, November 27th until Saturday 9th December. Wed, 11 Oct 17 12:54:39 +0100The Good Father @ The Viking Theatre'The Good Father' will run at the Viking Theatre from Monday, October 23rd until Saturday 11th November. Wed, 11 Oct 17 12:45:19 +0100What's On @ The Viking Theatre? The Viking theatre has a range of exciting productions to see out 2017. Be sure to check out the remaining performances for 2017 by clicking on the links of each below: Red Noise Show with Owen O' Neil, Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st October The Good Father, Monday 23rd October - Saturday 11th November Susie Kennedy, Monday 27th November - Saturday 9th December Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol', Monday 11th December - Saturday 23rd DecemberWed, 11 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100Red Noise Show with Owen O Neill @ Viking Theatre O' Neill will perform his award-winning show 'Red Noise' at the Viking Theatre from Thursday 19th until Saturday 21st of October 2017Tue, 10 Oct 17 16:24:06 +0100Sean Haughey backs Clontarf at Taekwon-do World Championships! On Wednesday 4th October Sean Haughey made a special visit to Clontarf Taekwon-do and Kickboxing to meet 4 of the North Star Taekwon-do School’s members who are on the National Taekwon-do Team competing at the World Championships in Citywest this week. North Star (Clontarf and Killester) have 11 members on the Irish Team training hard for the championships taking place in Ireland for the first time. The 11 North Star members are a mix of new members to the National team as well as very experienced current and previous European and World Champions. The championships take place in Citywest Hotel and Convention Centre and will be the largest Taekwon-do tournament ever to take place in Ireland. We wish all members of the National Team the very best of luck at the championships. For further information on the championships please see  or visit, 10 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100St Pauls - Object to Planning Before Midnight Tonight! We've just been informed by the I Love St Anne's Group that the public are able to make submissions in relation to the current planning proposal at St. Paul’s (it deals with only infrastructure elements which should not be in this application as they relate to the housing application which is still only in pre-planning) until just before midnight tonight. They have created a template below which you can copy and paste to use for your own submission.  Planning application can be found here.  Re: Objection to Planning Application Reference Number: 3777/17 A Chara, I am writing in relation to the planning application submitted by Orsigny Limited for development on lands to the rear of St. Paul’s College, Sybil Hill Road, at St. Anne's Park, Raheny, Dublin 5.   To this end, I enclose a cheque for €20, payable to Dublin City Council.   I object in the strongest possible terms to the proposal to build infrastructure intended to facilitate residential development on the St Paul's Playing Fields at St Anne's, for the following reasons: ·       The public notice for this planning application (Reg. Ref. 3777/17) is inadequate, as, similar to the previous planning applications Reg. Ref. 4185/15 (which was mysteriously withdrawn) and Reg. Ref. 3899/15 (which was invalidated) the written description attempts to conceal the true nature of the development. This time any casual observer reading the notice would be led to believe that what is proposed is a sports hall and two all-weather playing pitches and "Cycle parking, boundary treatments and all associated site works and services." However  the "associated site works and services" are oversized for the proposed facilities and alongside the sports hall and all-weather pitches are actually designed to facilitate a major residential development of up to 500 units on these lands which are Zoned Z15 "Institutional and Community" and are historically, geographically, socially and ecologically part of St Anne's Park. As the site notice -either intentionally or by accident- is misleading, the applicant should be requested to reapply with documentation and a notice that advertises the full extent and true nature of the extensive development proposals. ·       The current application requests DCC to make a decision on only a partial, incomplete application that contains oversized service infrastructure such as roads and services -including a massive attenuation tank- that are far in excess of the requirements for a sports hall and one-and-a-half all-weather pitches. The access road shown on the site plan is clearly intended to facilitate hundreds of residential units under a separate planning application, which the public has no access to any information on. The public should be able to view the full scheme at the same time this element of the scheme is under consideration by the planning authority. Furthermore the status of the road is ambiguous in that it is both within and outside the red and blue site boundary lines. This road and the other oversized services provisions should not be considered or granted without the public having a full overview of an application for all of the lands and be in a position to comment on the scheme in its entirety. Moreover, if the lands are proposed to receive Z1 type residential development, then the proper procedure would be to present an application to the councillors to vote on whether or not  to rezone the lands from Z15 to Z1.  ·       The application proposes routing a surface water sewer from the proposed sports hall and one-and-a-half all-weather pitches across the public park to discharge in to the Naniken stream. Additional discharge to Naniken, even if attenuated, will exacerbate existing periodic flash flooding occurrences which put the public, flora, fauna and protected follies at risk. The most recent flooding event on May 27th 2017 was exacerbated by the new tidal flood defences at James Larkin Road. These works didn't increase the road culvert size, with the result that any excess surface water cannot exit the park into the sea and instead floods the park and road, damaging habitat and causing a hazard to park and road users. Thus additional discharge to the Naniken stream should not be permitted. ·       The unintended partial redefinition of uses "open to consideration" under Z15 zoning across Dublin was in response to a court case relating to entirely different lands. The amendment to now make non-institutional residential development "open to consideration" under Z15 cannot apply to these lands as the original Z15 zoning was placed on them to protect their established use as education and amenity -and indeed, public parkland. The intensity of educational and sporting use remains (notwithstanding the developers recent attempts to restrict access) and the vital biosphere-related use has been acknowledged by the applicant's own Natura Impact Statement. This and separate independent studies have established that the St. Paul’s playing fields are vital feeding grounds for Brent Geese, the Black Tailed Godwit and the Curlew, all of which are protected/endangered species whose habitat's are protected by national and international law. The St Paul's grassland playing fields are the main staging post for Brent geese feeding and moving inland from the Bull Island. The applicant's developer-funded  Natura Impact Statement claims that the protected birds will move from the grassland proposed to be obliterated by the all-weather pitch, onto adjoining grassland. However, the four adjoining grass pitches are also proposed to be built on by the same developer! Removal of the St Paul's grassland pitches, the most intensively used feeding site in the inland network, would represent a significant and negative interruption of the feeding network with detrimental effects on the population. Thus these grasslands cannot be built on without destroying vital habitats in contravention of the protections of the Dublin Bay Biosphere and national and international bird protection directives. The current application is being presented to the public without the main generator for it, which is rumoured to be up to 500 apartments/houses on amenity grassland, which would represent a significant community loss rather than a community gain. As a decision to grant prior to the entire scheme being put out for full public consultation would be premature at this time and as the scheme is clearly a sweetener for a large residential development utterly inappropriate for these educational, amenity and biosphere lands, the application should be rejected.   Yours Sincerely ______________   [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE]  Mon, 09 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100Dublin Jersey Auction Raises 1000 euro for CRC! Going, Going, Gone! We have a winner! The CRC is delighted to announce that the Auction for the Signed Dublin jersey at the end of September raised the wonderful sum of €1,000, which will go towards purchasing and installing two wheelchair accessible swings in their two school playgrounds in CRC Clontarf and Scoil Mochua Clondalkin. The CRC would like to thank everyone in Clontarf who supported the CRC Auction for the Jersey signed by the almighty Dubs, the local Clontarf businesses and individuals who played such an important part in their fundraising efforts and bid so generously.  Congratulations also to the winning bidder!Fri, 06 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100Michelin Guide Listing for Fishbone! Fishbone is absolutely thrilled to announce they have been listed in the 2018 Michelin Guide for the UK & Ireland. This is an amazing surprise for the team at Fishbone who opened their doors just over one year ago. Fishbone is the second restaurant in Clontarf ever to be included in this prestigious guide which is recognised worldwide. It's also great news for Clontarf to get on the Michelin map! For more information on the 2018 Michelin see here, and be sure to check out Fishbone's website for info on menus, their daily special offers and group bookings! Congratulations to all at Fishbone - well deserved!Thu, 05 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100Past Resident Holds First Art Exibition at 93! Recently we were contacted by Margaret McKenna who grew up in Clontarf, and who shared some wonderful news about her mother Elizabeth.  Elizabeth, a resident of Clontarf from 1960 - 1999, has always been a keen artist since she was a child, and after school, studied in NCAD under famous Irish painter, Sean Keating. She went on to work as a commercial artist in advertising and during the 40s and 50s, produced fashion drawings for department stores like McBirney's, Clery's and Cassidy's.  Although Elizabeth took part in group exhibitions over the years, 2017 saw her hold her first solo exibition at 93 years old! On Friday 29th September, as part of Culture Night 2017, Elizabeth's show took place in the Ramor Theatre, Virginia, Co. Cavan. Many of the paintings on show were done in the last few months and most depict Autumnal scenes as well as seascapes (which isn't surprising after spending nearly 40 years here in Clontarf!) A huge congratulations to Elizabeth on her first solo exhibition. We think it's safe to say that her story really proves it's never too late to do something you're passionate about and to make your dream a reality!  Wed, 04 Oct 17 00:00:00 +0100Help Ciaran O' Moore Raise Money for MS Ireland! On October 7th local Cllr. Ciaran O' Moore will be abseiling from the touch of the Hogan Stand in Croke Park to raise move for MS Ireland.  O' Moore is hoping to raise at least €500 (but of course, is aiming for more than this!). MS affects more than 9000 people across Ireland and most of us know someone who is suffering from this debilitating disease, so even if it's just €1, donate if you can! It's really easy to donate online by visiting Ciaran O' Moore's fundraising page on  Don't forget to spread the word!  Fri, 29 Sep 17 00:00:00 +0100Bid on Signed Dublin Jersey for CRC Yard Swing! CRC are absolutely thrilled to be gifted this very special Dublin Jersey signed by the victorious 2017 All Ireland Football winning team! They are inviting local businesses and individuals to submit an open bid and be in with a chance to become the owner of this very special jersey as it is signed by all the team. The CRC is raising funds to purchase and install two wheelchair accessible swings in their two school playgrounds in CRC Clontarf and Scoil Mochua Clondalkin. With your generous bids, the pupils and the children who attend CRC for clinical assessments and services will finally have an opportunity to experience that childhood joy of flying through the air shouting “WHHHHEEEEEeeeeee….!” To make a bid please contact Veron Elliott at 087 204 7082. This iconic Dublin Jersey will go to the highest bidder on Friday 29th September during the CRC Golf Classic Fundraising Event at Clontarf Golf Club. Bidding starts at €750. Bids will be accepted until 7.00pm Friday evening, 29th September 2017. Thu, 28 Sep 17 00:00:00 +0100Irish Astronomical Society Public Observing - Sat 30th September! The Irish Astronomical Society, Sidewalk Astronomers section, return to Clontarf for 2017 this Saturday 30th September, to host their FREE monthly public observation event.  The event will begin at 20:00hrs at the car park opposite the Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club on the Clontarf Road and the IAS will provide telescopes. Those wishing to attend should also note that this event is weather dependent. This event is a great opportunity to witness the wonders of the heavens! For more information email Val Dunne on Wed, 27 Sep 17 00:00:00 +0100O' Hara's Spar Supporting Cystic Fibrosis Walk! O' Hara's Spar Vernon Avenue were spotted keeping walkers hydrated during the 2017 Head 2 Head Walk in aid of Cystic Fibrosis which took place on Sunday 24th September 2017.  The route covered Howth Head to Bray Head, and staff from Spar Vernon Avenue were there on the Seafront to meet the walkers as they passed through Clontarf with water and vitamin drinks.  It's great to see local businesses doing their bit to support charities so well done to all at O' Hara's Spar! For more information on Cystic Fibrosis Ireland visit their website here.  Tue, 26 Sep 17 00:00:00 +0100See Dublin V Mayo This Sunday @ Peil Na mBan Final! This Sunday, 24th September, Áth Cliath and Maigh Eo meet again, this time in the TG4 Peil na mBan/Ladies Football Final. Cluain Tarbh is bringing a massive crowd of 450 supporters into Croke Park to cheer on The Dubs. In particular, Chluain Tarbh is cheering on Sarah McCaffrey who is a member of the Dublin team and club member Mick Bohan who is the Dubs Bainisteoir.  Throw in in Croker is 4 pm If anyone is interested in joining the group they can contact any Ladies mentor in the club or get in touch with us on Twitter/Facebook and we'll pass on the details. This is a great opportunity for younger GAA players to get to attend a great occasion. Everyone is welcome back to Áras Chluain Tarbh after the game where they hope to be celebrating a Dubs Double!Thu, 21 Sep 17 00:00:00 +0100Safer Communities Campaign - Advice from Gardai An Garda Síochána are running a "Supporting Safer Communities Campaign" from tomorrow September 19th until Monday 25th.  As we approach the Winter months, and the evenings grow darker, it's essential that we all follow the 'lock up and light up' procedure in order to lower the risk of your home being broken into, or property being stolen.  An Garda Síochána, are also encouraging people to mark their property to discourage theft and aid in the recovery of property should it get stolen. If you have a bike, please also consider marking this in anyways possible as there has been a huge amount of bike thefts over the last year.  For more information see the Winter Burlgalry Prevention document here from  In the last 12 months (June 2016 – July 2017): Over €7 million worth of jewellery was stolen in burglaries Over €3.6 million worth of rings and watches were stolen Over €3.5 million in cash was stolen in burglaries Do not leave large amounts of cash at home Over €1 million worth of electronics were stolen in burglaries This largely consists of mobile phones and laptops/tablets Almost €1 million worth of tools were stolen in burglaries More expensive industrial/power tools tend to be targeted in winter Residential Burglary Recording Property Details In the last 12 months (July 2016 – June 2017): 4% of tools had a serial number or engraving recorded 11% of laptops/tablets had a serial number or engraving recorded 51% of mobile phones had a serial or IMEI number recorded 8% of bicycles stolen had a serial or frame number recorded Keep the details of your property in a property register Download a property register template from Keep this register safe along with photos of your jewellery Mon, 18 Sep 17 00:00:00 +0100Lion's Club Fundraiser for Local Man Gordon McKay The Clontarf & District Lion's Club will host a fundraising Quiz Night in Aid of the Gordon McKay Trust.  This event will take place on Thursday 28th September at 8 pm and Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club, Oultan Road, Clontarf.  Places are €10 per person and there are 4 people allowed on a team.  We've posted about local man Gordon before and an online fundraiser to help get him back on his feet. However, for anyone who isn't familiar with Gordon's story, we've added more information below.  Gordon is 41 and has an 11-year-old daughter Libby. In September of 2014,  Gordon suffered a perforated colon.  He was admitted to the ICU of the Mater Hospital where he received life-saving surgery. He had multiple organ failure and contracted septicaemia which led to him suffering from severe Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS). This resulted in a complete paralysis of his limbs from his neck down.   After almost two years of inpatient care in the Mater and the National Rehabilitation Hospital Gordon was transferred to AnovoCare Nursing home where he lives and receives 24-hour care. His physical well-being has improved and he is no longer reliant on a trachea and feed tubes. Gordons family are hopeful that through investing in physiotherapy and occupational therapy further improvements may be possible to enhance Gordon's quality of life as well as speech and language therapy to improve his swallow and speech. We are hoping to raise funds to purchase equipment such as an Easystand chair and physio equipment to enable Gordon to continue with his goal to eventually get back on his feet. Gordon had a trial assessment of the Easystand on 23/06/17 and Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic have said that he had "excellent results....He tolerated 20 minutes of standing". Gordon currently has access to an "ISeries"  eye gaze controlled communication device.  Gordon uses this device with his eyes and it enables him to operate his phone, to text and email and control the television and lights in his room.  Help us support Gordon in achieving a greater level of independence. You find out more about Gordon and how to donate to his trust, please click here. Fri, 15 Sep 17 00:00:00 +0100Nandri Charity Ball @ Clontarf Castle 6th Annual Ball Tue, 25 Jul 17 12:22:45 +0100Clontarf Historical Society - December Talk! Clontarf Historical Society's December 2017 talk will take place on Monday 11th. Tue, 24 Jan 17 15:58:33 +0000Clontarf Historical Society - November Talk Clontarf Historical Society's November 2017 will take place on Monday 13thTue, 24 Jan 17 15:56:10 +0000