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Cycletrack and Road Safety Issues

  Cycle Track and Road Safety Issues

One of the positives of this scheme was that it was intended that it would provide safer facilities for all road users – pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and motorists. The community has serious reservations as to how this will be achieved in practice. The scheme currently has a number of serious safety issues that need to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Unsafe Layout of the Bull Wall Junction

As part of the design of this scheme, the outbound right-hand turn lane at this junction was removed. However, in December last, due to ongoing traffic issues following the removal of this lane, DCC agreed that the turn should be reinstated. The new proposal from DCC is to provide a 2.5m wide turning lane. We do not believe that this will be safe or that it will address the traffic issues. Dublin…

Official opening of the new Cycletrack

The following information is an important update from the Clontarf Residents' Association:


S2S works - Wooden Bridge to Causeway Road - Official opening on Friday 5th of May

The S2S works on the Clontarf Road have been ongoing for two years now. These works were intended to provide:

  • the missing link of cycle track and improvements in road safety for all road users
  • a continuous flood-defence scheme
  • other associated works included the renovation of the Tram Shelter, landscaping, street furniture, etc., and,
  • approx. 2km of the new water main.

While the scheme is nearing completion, albeit slowly, some serious concerns remain. We believe that completing the work is more important than having an opening ceremony. However, DCC have decided to launch this phase of the S2S with an official…


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